Tell me... you'd fucking love me...! Cause I do! [Sparkeling] [Design]
Thoughts of a World that comes into my mind, when I listen to these parts of life

Flaw - Recognize
I think I'm cracking up, like I've lost my mind.
I hurt myself again. Still don't know why.
I end up the same way each and every time.
Can't avoid the truth. There's just nowhere to run and hide.

Evanescence - Exedus
I know i'm not lost
I'm just alone
but i won't cry
I won't give up
I can't go back now
waking up is knowing who you really are

Bullet for my Valentine - Hit the floor
Why do you take it all?
Why do I beg for more?
I never thought that this is how I'd hit the floor

36 Crazyfists - Turn to ashes
And I don't know how much you thought I'd be
It turns to ashes on me

Crossfade - Cold
What i really meant to say,
is i'm sorry for the way, i am.
I never meant to be so cold

Ill Nino - With you
I wish I was with you
If I stay well than your tears will set you free If I stay right here and for ever with you everything I feel for you Is everything
I want to stay with you If I stay right here and forever with you
My eyes! My eyes

Korn - Thoughtless
Why are you trying to make fun of me?
You think it's funny?
What the fuck you think it's doing to me?
You take your turn lashing out at me
I want you crying with you're dirty ass in front of me

Silbermond - An dich
An dich, ging jede Zeile, die ich jemals schrieb
Und um dich, dreht sich mein Gesicht
Schweißüberströmt lieg ich im
Bett und kann nicht mehr
Dich nicht mehr sehn, verstehn, wie es so weit kam

Three Days Grace - Home
No matter how hard I try,
you're never satisfied
This is not a home,
I think I'm better off alone!

Staind - Please
Tell me please
Who the fuck did you want me to be?

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed
felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander out where you can't see...
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed...

Planlos - Einsam
Und wieder spürt sie die Tränen
Auf ihrem Gesicht
Sie würde lieber nicht hier sein
Ihre Hoffnung zerbricht
Sie versucht zu entkommen
Doch gelingt es ihr nicht

Nightwish - Nemo
Oh how I wish
For soothing rain
All I wish is to dream again
My loving heart
Lost in the dark
For hope I'd give my everything

Lambretta - You will never
So don't you say that
love is a fight
you don't know what it's like to die

Glashaus - Das letzte Mal
Das letzte Mal
Denn ich wird nie wieder solche Schwäche zeigen,
nie wieder ausgesetzt und klein,
nie wieder so verletzbar sein.
Und nie wieder so wie jetzt grad leiden,
nie wieder

Within Tempation - Or Farewell
Sweet darling you worry too much, my child
See sadness in your eyes
You are not alone in life
Although you might think that you are

Amy Lee und Seether - Broken
There's so much left to learn
And no one left to fight

Lacuna Coil - Falling
And now the beat inside me
is a sort of a cold breeze and I've Songtexte
never any feeling inside
ruining me...
bring my body
carry it into another world Songtext
I know I live... but like a stone I'm falling down

Disagree - Suizid Note
I Left my suicide note on the door
Baby wont you look me in the eye once more? Once more
Lost In eyes and well it can’t stand in my way
Hit me honey I left my things down to play

Papa Roach - Last resort
Cuz I´m losing my sight
Losing my mind
Wish somebody would tell me I´m fine
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